The origin of our farm is related to the historical events of the second half of the 1800s when begins the gradual transition from sharecropping to small peasant ownership in Piedmont.

So was born our farm, with the buying of two farmhouses in Bubbio by two of my great-grandparents: Luigi Torelli, in the century “Luis ed Torè”, great-grandfather in his paternal line, and Cresta Giuseppe, in the century “Pinen d’la Milan-a “, great-grandfather in maternal line, fulfilled the dream of owning the land.

The ultra-secular history of our farm has consolidated in us the awareness of the potential of this territory that, if loved and respected, can express characteristics of excellence in wines. Then in 1987 with my parents Marisa and Mario we decided to put into practice the rules of Organic Agriculture, convinced that only in this way we could have continued the work undertaken by our ancestors.

Today our farm, maintaining the family’s management, is present with its 80,000 bottles of organic wine in the best restaurants and wine bars around the world, bringing with himself the authentic emotion of our land.

Gianfranco Torelli