The origins of the farm are linked to the historical events of the second half of the 19th century in Piedmont with the gradual transformation towards the small, farmer owned property.

The Torelli farm business began with the purchase of two farms in Bubbio by Gianfranco’s two great-grandfathers – Luigi Torelli (known as ‘Luis ed Torè), paternal great-grandfather. and Cresta Giuseppe (known as ‘Pinen d’la Milan-a’), maternal great-grandfather – who managed to realise their dream of becoming land owners.

The history of the farm, more then centennial, has reinforced the family’s belief in the potential of this land – if treated with love and respect – to be  reflected  in the excellent characteristics of their wine. In 1987 Gianfranco, along with his parents Mario and Marisa, decided to cultivate vines organically, seeing it as the best way to maintain the ideals of their family ancestors.
Today, our family run business is present in the best restaurants and wine shops world wine with a production of over 80,000 bottles.

Gianfranco Torelli