Gianfranco Torelli produces organic wine from about twenty-seven years in the Langa Astigiana, with his father Mario.
First of all this represents his love for nature, for the territory, for its history. And obviously the love to work in the vineyard and for the good things of the earth. Because it is not enough to use organic grapes to make good wine. It needs passion and skill.

The vineyards are treated with every attention. They grow in full biodiversity. A vineyard in Langa Astigiana offers beautiful views and suggestions throughout the year, even in the winter, in the rarefied scenery of the fog or in the brightness of the snow, making even more enjoyable find the warmth of the home and the taste of products. But for those lucky enough to visit the vineyards Torelli in May there is the extraordinary gift to see spring blooms, not only on the lands next to the vineyard but right in between the rows of vines.
This is a true living world, full of aromas and flavors. Flowers, plants, insects, birds, thanks to the inclusion of the nesting boxes placed by Lipu in this area, show us a colorful world that lives around the vineyards, protected by natural methods, such as mustard plants between the rows of vines, or the birds that are much better than any insecticide and natural indicator as the beautiful roses at the entrance of the vineyards.

In such an environment, nature takes its course and gives us beautiful pearls: in the vineyards Torelli bloom some of the most beautiful orchids of Piedmont. A magic that happens every spring, and certify, by the witness of nature, that here organic is not fashion but it’s simply the life of the word.