Renewable energy

TORELLI’s farm uses alternative and renewable energies to traditional fossil sources, for supporting modern green economies in order to create a limited environmental impact.

The photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system is a process of green’s energy production that uses renewable energy from the sun, transforming it into clean electricity’s energy, with the objective of eliminate CO2 emissions into the environment. The decision dating back to 2010 to rely to a photovoltaic system corresponds for Gianfranco and his sons to the willingness to concretely promote a model of sustainable’s economy with a strong positive impact on the environment.                                                                          

The phytoremediation system

Phytoremediation is a natural and sustainable system for the treatment and purification of water, coming from the source of farm’s property and from the public aqueduct, once it has become wastewater through its use in the cellar. The phytoremediation system, consisting in a waterproofed basin filled with gravel and vegetable material, is based on the ability of vegetable organisms to absorb various organic compounds dissolved in the water, in order to obtain clean and purified water in accordance with the law. It is therefore the natural answer to systems of purification of wastewater. The decision to build a phytodepuration system in 2011 still presents for TORELLI’s farm the intention of intertwining technology with ecology, therefore for Gianfranco and his sons it means keeping pace with technological developments showing at the same time a careful respect about the surrounding environment.                                                                                          


Vineyards of TORELLI farm grow in an uncontaminated environment where biodiversity immediately catches eyes, giving to vine the faculty to integrate with the characteristics of the territory. On each spring can find the pleasure of seeing not only in the land adjacent to the vineyard but directly between rows of vineyards on the hill of San Grato various blooms, which some of the most beautiful spontaneous orchids of Piedmont stand out, a magic that is repeated every spring.

The natural fertilization

TORELLI’s vineyards are certified organic and therefore are fertilized and protected with natural methods. Fertilization takes place with the burial of organic fertilizers and through the green manure of essences appropriately sown in autumn.

The Lipu’s project

In collaboration with Lipu, an Italian environmental association whose purpose to counteract the destruction of birds and to preserve Italian biodiversity, TORELLI’s vineyards are also enriched by nest-houses, coming to create a “Lipu Little Oasis”, for hosts various species of birds that naturally live in the hills of the Langa Astigiana. What has been said underlines the meaning of living with the biodiversity, admiring and protecting.