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The plot

After years of requests from groups of farmers and consumers, in 1991 was issued the CEE Reg. 2092/91: the first European regulation on organic farming. From the harvest of 1992 it was therefore possible to begin the conversion of the vineyards to the organic method and, for those who had already been producing grapes in conformity with this regulation for at least 3 years, opened up the possibility to labeling own bottles as “Wine obtained with grapes from organic farming”. A few tens winegrowers, true pioneers of organic farming,
had started right away. But who were these pioneers? Who bottled the fist organic wine with authorization T000001?

With the three characters designed by Roby Giannotti (a bunch of grapes, a glass and a Bordeaux bottle) and texts by Gianfranco Torelli, we will tell you this fantastic story that began 200 million years ago: starting from the drift of continents to the time of the dinosaurs, from the most ancient geological eras to the last glaciation, from the arrival of man and the grapevine to the production of wine, from the ancient Ligurians to the expansion of the Roman Empire and gradually through all periods of ancient and modern history up to the present ours day, to know how this splendid corner of the Langa has changed and evolved over time, until reach to how Gianfranco is came to produce the first organic wine in Italy. The publication avail to the preface by the ambassador Mario Palma.

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The award

On 27 September 2020, during the XIX Edition of the National Literary Competition “Bere il Territorio” held in Alba (CN), the special award was awarded to Gianfranco Torelli (texts) and Roby Giannotti (drawings) precisely for the book “The history in cartoon of the first organic wine”.

The National Literary Competition “Bere il Territorio” was promoted by Go Wine, the National Association focused on the Culture of Wine and Enotourism, and has the purpose of rewarding texts that have wine as their dominant theme or that, in any case, reserve to the wine a special attention.

The awards ceremony of G.Torelli and R.Gianotti


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